branding & customer experience

Explore real life examples from brands like Facebook, Pinterest, and Intel on how to build a superior brand, and mistakes to avoid.

Topics Covered In This Session


  • Why you need to alienate some of your customers, and how to know which ones.
  • Which metrics to ignore and which ones to focus on
  • How to make millennials love you by passing their B.S. check.
  • How to use technology in marketing WITHOUT creeping out your audience
  • What Human to Human marketing is
  • How to be an effective marketing leader


  • Why Net Promoter Score is making a come back and how to use it
  • How Air BnB built its empire
  • Apples secrets to branding
  • How Starbucks benefits from PR crisis' while others brands do not
  • Why you need to optimize for emotions
  • How Pinterest builds incredible products
  • How to build your team