AtlasRTX and Homebuilders, Match Made in Heaven

You may have heard us talk about how great AtlasRTX is as a company and all of the amazing things we can do for homebuilders. I can understand it’s hard to trust reviews when they’re coming from the people who created the product. Luckily, we know our product works. We know it works because of the ways we have specifically helped homebuilders in the past.

Take Magnolia Homes for example, Magnolia Homes recognized that they had a problem with visibility into their sales prospects and continuing the relationship following the first interaction. They would often have productive initial conversations showing homes or discussing community development plans, but prospects would often go dark following the initial introduction. This was resulting in missed sales opportunities. AtlasRTX came in and with our SalesRTX bot Magnolia Homes was able to:  

  • Extend their targeted reach among the most relevant audiences

  • Strengthen its lead generation program and captured contact information

  • Gain instant feedback on which content drove the most engagement

AtlasRTX deployed chatbots has been one of the most successful lead generation campaigns for Magnolia Homes, as the quality of leads and real-time communication provided a deeper relationship than any other sales and marketing initiatives. This includes a 35% increase in appointment to contract rate, 50% shorter sale cycles and a 75% increase in lead to appointment conversion rate.

Another example of success with AtlasRTX is Woodside Homes. As you know the home building market is extremely competitive and it takes creativity to get ahead of the competition. Woodside homes realized the most effective way to do this was to implement a chatbot, specifically our SalesRTX bot. Woodside Homes leveraged the knowledge that the home buying experience was so much more than design and construction; your home is an extension of who you are. It was time to make the home buying process a natural extension of how people prefer to communicate. Through their partnership with AtlasRTX, Woodside Homes was able to capitalize on technology to create a more enjoyable, less intrusive experience that yielded both more engagement with home buyers and a deeper level of engagement, with every interaction.

If you need any more evidence towards how great AtlasRTX is, listen to Chris Hartley of Trendmaker Homes speak about us at the 2019 NAHB International Builders Show in Las Vegas. In this clip he maps out exactly how AtlasRTX helped Trendmaker Homes turn multiple dead leads into sales.


Why does AtlasRTX work so well for home builders?

AtlasRTX is an A.I. chatbot solution for home builders that works alongside your human marketing, sales, construction and warranty teams to create an amazing customer experience 24/7, in 100+ languages, in the ways customers prefer—text, messaging platforms, and webchat. We can also:

Qualify Leads & Spot Serious Buyers

  • Get consistent quantitative/qualitative feedback

  • Automatically gauge interest and collect feedback

  • Notify agents, track and report on all conversations

  • Identify and act upon cross-sell opportunities

Create Higher Engagement

  • Get 4x the response rates of email

  • Stop people from “going dark”

  • Respond 24/7, without hiring additional resources

  • Communicate in 130 languages

Deliver Exceptional Buyer Experiences

  • Uncover and fix problems pre-sale to post-close

  • Give sales visibility into conversations and markets

  • Deliver a consistent experience across locations

  • Share regular reports with teams and executives

Easily Capture Leads From Any Source

  • One-step onsite kiosk registration

  • Text-to-register from signs and ads

  • Web form registration

  • CRM integration


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