Chatbots Engage and Inform Communities

AtlasRTX's combines A.I. chatbots with school staff to better engage families and communities in real-time, impactful communication, 24/7, in over 100 languages.



real-time experiences
Unreal Responsiveness

All families deserve 24/7 responsiveness, as a part of your school community. AtlasRTX makes responsive, scalable family and community engagement a reality, by creating real-time experiences, that move seamlessly from A.I. chatbots to real, live humans.

Wherever they are, you are.

AtlasRTX works with SMS text, web chat and messaging platforms people already use, like Facebook Messenger, to provide the relevant, on-demand answers, anytime, anywhere, in any language, without scaling school staff to support it, saving human interactions for when they matter most.


Why Use AtlasRTX?


Get real-time two-way language detection and translation for all communication, through AtlasRTX

Be more relevant, allowing people to subscribe only to topics that matter most to them

Reach people where they already are: Text, Web Chat and Facebook Messenger


Enjoy 24/7 chatbot coverage, with human staff notified and able to respond, as needed, during business hours


Communicate timely information in real-time via text, for snow closures, events, updates, emergencies* and more

Send short text-based surveys and receive real-time feedback, with 60-80% response rates

Let chatbots rapidly answer common questions, and engage staff as needed



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