Event chatbots make event tech more human

AtlasRTX event chatbots create real-time experiences with event attendees that move seamlessly from A.I. chatbots to real, live humans. Event professionals depend on AtlasRTX event chatbots for event engagement, event concierge, attendance promotion and post-event follow-up.



Why Use AtlasRTX?


AtlasRTX is zero barrier event tech—no apps or wifi required. It works over text and messaging platforms people already use, like Facebook Messenger, and web chat, to provide relevant, on-demand conversations with event attendees, anytime, anywhere, in any language, without scaling teams.



Engagement shouldn't start and end at the event.

Exceptional onsite experiences are one stop in the customer journey. Use AtlasRTX event chatbots as part of your year-round event strategy, including:


Attendance Promotion – Drive registration and promote CTAs with unparalleled open and click-through rates. Save the date for future events.              

Surveys, Polls, and Feedback – Take the pulse of your attendees before, during and after your events. Analyze and share results and feedback with teams.

Event Engagement – Bring brands to life with games and activities that connect attendees to the people and the place.            

Post Event Follow Up – Make events more memorable, with personal and timely follow up, after your event. Help attendees plan ahead for next time.

Lead Capture, Qualification and Nurture – 80% of trade show exhibitors never follow up with show leads. Chatbots ensure timely, consistent contact and insights.             

Mass Alerts – Get important information out to thousands of people, within minutes.

Concierge Event Bot – Respond 24/7, in 100+ languages. Answer questions about agendas, logistics, food and fun. Pass to humans seamlessly.          

Sponsor, Speaker and Vendor Promotion – Extend the experience with content and CTAs that deepen the relationship to the events and benefit partners.


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