Chatbots Sell Homes Faster

AtlasRTX is an A.I. chatbot solution for home builders that works alongside your human marketing, sales, construction and warranty teams to create an amazing customer experience 24/7, in 100+ languages, in the ways customers prefer—text, messaging and web chat.



real-time experiences
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AtlasRTX helps home builders increase engagement and sales, by creating real-time experiences that enhance the entire customer journey. Our platform enables 24/7 interactions with home buyers that move seamlessly from A.I. chatbots to real, live humans.


AtlasRTX works with SMS text and messaging platforms people already use, like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, to provide relevant, on-demand conversations with home buyers, anytime, anywhere, in any language, without a full-time staff to support it.



Why Use AtlasRTX?


Qualify Leads & Spot Serious Buyers

  • Get consistent quantitative/qualitative feedback

  • Automatically gauge interest and collect feedback

  • Notify agents, track and report on all conversations

  • Identify and act upon cross-sell opportunities

Create Higher Engagement

  • Get 4x the response rates of email

  • Stop people from “going dark”

  • Respond 24/7, without hiring additional resources

  • Communicate in 130 languages

Deliver Exceptional Buyer Experiences

  • Uncover and fix problems pre-sale to post-close

  • Give sales visibility into conversations and markets

  • Deliver a consistent experience across locations

  • Share regular reports with teams and executives

Easily Capture Leads from Any Source

  • One-step onsite kiosk registration

  • Text-to-register from signs and ads

  • Web form registration

  • CRM integration


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