Humans + Chatbots = Better together

The Citizen Engagement solution gives citizens better ways to interact with governments and improve how engagements are delivered. AtlasRTX community chatbots leverage the power of the Microsoft cloud and analytics create real-time experiences that move questions and conversations seamlessly from A.I. chatbots to real, live humans. Civic leaders and professionals depend on AtlasRTX chatbots for emergency alerts, engagement, event concierge, attendance promotion and post-event follow-up.

Citizens and government employees can track the status of incidents, react to developing concerns in real-time, fill out forms and engage with applicants, and do it all from the comfort of their own mobile device in any language that they choose. AtlasRTX is a digital tool with the capacity to fill and facilitate any customer-service related engagement across departments.



Why Use AtlasRTX?


AtlasRTX is zero barrier tech—no apps or wifi required. It works seamlessly carrying your citizen’s conversation over the text and messaging platforms people already use, like Facebook Messenger, and web chat, to provide relevant, on-demand conversations. AtlasRTX helps governments reach deep into insightful audiences anytime, anywhere, in any language, without scaling teams.

One on one conversations without downloading an app increase the response rate for the average consumer. AtlasRTX can also push data to your community’s existing mobile apps with built-in location services, city planning systems, or any of your other products built on Azure.



Citizen engagement illustration


Dan Schmidt wants to register a business for his new home audio and smarthome installation business.

REDDY, the city of Redmond bot, helps him navigate the city page, and prompts him with how much permits will cost, and registration per vehicle

he wants to understand where to apply for a right-of-way permit for installations if needed

are there any more fees applicable from going from 2 to 6 trucks? REDDY will have to have a human get back to him

receives questions back on SMS driving him to Web Chat. Instead of emailing a whole list of PDFs for his permit, Dan is able to directly upload the PDFs through webchat of his signed documentation right from his smartphone in webchat

Dan receives a congratulations on approval of his new business license!


[Outbound update comes in from the city to ready new homes for inspections]

Cindy Schmidt is a native chinese speaker - conversational in both

Cindy wants to do the right things, but it’s hard to understand the complicated city of Redmond site.

what inspections will they need to help facilitate for the landlord as their new smarthome system is ready for tenants?

REDDY mentions a Fire Inspection Request for Cindy and the client.

REDDY shows her the fee schedule, and links to the inspection request

Cindy does not request the Fire Inspection at the time, so REDDY follows up a week later asking if she still needs it.

Cindy does! And fills out the request.


Dan and Cindy’s kids

It’s going to be Summer soon, and Dan and Cindy will go insane if the kids are around constantly.

What activities does the City provide?

REDDY recommend Summer Camps and activities

Dan loves the idea of the STEM Summer Camp in conjunction with amazing video they watch inline about the Sports their kids can participate in.

REDDY prefills the information from Cindy’s account, and directs Cindy to register and pay at

REDDY follows up 3 weeks later to see how Summer Camp is going, and Cindy gives it a 5. Because it’s awesome.


Engagement shouldn't start and end at a single event.

Exceptional experiences are one stop in your constituent’s journey. Use AtlasRTX chatbots and follow-up as part of your year-round community strategy, including:


Attendance Promotion – Drive registration and promote CTAs with unparalleled open and click-through rates. Save the date for future events.              

Surveys, Polls, and Feedback – Take the pulse before, during and after your events. Analyze and share results and feedback with teams.

Event Engagement – Bring communities to life with games and activities that connect attendees to the people and the place.            

Post Event Follow Up – Make events more memorable, with personal and timely follow up, after your event. Help attendees plan ahead for next time.

Lead Capture, Qualification and Nurture – 80% of trade show exhibitors never follow up with show leads. Chatbots ensure timely, consistent contact and insights with your community.             

Mass Alerts – Get important information out to thousands, within minutes.

Concierge Event Bot – Respond 24/7, in 60+ languages. Answer questions about agendas, logistics, food and fun. Pass the tough questions to humans seamlessly.          

Community, Speaker, and Vendor Promotion – Extend the experience with content and CTAs that deepen the relationship to the events and benefit partners.


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