3 Ways To Sell More

In only 1/2 the Time

Check out these resources below, digest them, live by them, and you will see why so many people are so excited about this.

What's The First Tip?

Engage Leads Faster to Qualify More

There are lots of tools to help you stay on top of your (hopefully)
ever flowing stream of leads. But getting a lead to hand over their
contact info is just the beginning of the battle! You absolutely need an
automated system to notify you the instant a lead is submitted.


Think about the insane ramifications of those stats. Getting some good ideas for action items from them? Maybe some ideas about when and how often to contact leads? These stats show you exactly what days and times to follow up for dramatically improved results.

Now you may be thinking “I am way too busy to pick up the phone and call a lead the moment they come in” or “what happens if a lead comes in while I am in the middle of an all-day meeting and can’t get to the phone?” Automated email responses are ok, but ideally you want to engage a lead and start answering their questions right away. Email cannot do that.

This is why at AtlasRTX we use our A.I. powered chatbots to contact leads as soon as they come in. Chatbots are incredibly engaging, and can answer the prospects questions immediately, leaving a great first impression on prospects. Infact, our chatbots are so engaging that 98% of leads open their messages, and 80% respond within 3 minutes of being contacted.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the more responsive you are the more likely a prospect is to trust you. Chatbots are always working, 24/7 and can instantly translate 130 languages (if it's an AtlasRTX bot). So if your prospect has a pressing question at 2am, the bot can handle it. Bow down email, your throne belongs to the bots!

What's The Second Tip?

Follow Up at Least 6 Times

How many times did you have to follow up with the last prospect you had that turned into a customer? I bet it was 6 times or more. There are certainly some outliers, but on average, a prospect needs to be followed up with at least 6 times for them to move through your funnel.

If you are like most sales people, following up can feel like trying to get an elephant to run a marathon. It is important that your follow up is meaningful and gives more value to your prospects. You do not want to tell them something they already have heard. You already saw the stats about so you know that the best way to follow up is through texting. Before you follow up, you are going to want to make sure your sending the right follow up messages.

What's The Second Tip?

Watch for Buying Signals

Buyers do not want to be sold, and they do not want to give buying signals. Even the most seasoned salesperson can often miss buying signals, in face-to-face conversations. Through the use of AtlasRTX, Woodside homes found that prospects said more to a chatbot than they ever would in person and identified buyers the sales team did not think were interested.

So what are the buying signals you need to watch out for? Which ones are you most likely missing? Selling is no easy task. It is hard work, planning strategy, and patience. Although now with AtlasRTX, not quite as much patience 😉 Chatbots can help meet potential buyers where they are, when it is convenient for them, answer their initial questions, and capture their information.

Try allowing buyers to text, message or web chat their questions to you for chatbots to answer, and get them registered, at scale. So what are you waiting for?
Let's cut your sales cycle in half!

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