Case Study

How Trendmaker Homes Sold 6 Houses in 1 week to DEAD leads.


The Challenge

Trendmaker Homes recognized that they had a problem prioritizing their leads. They were getting a good amount of traffic doing model home visits, but struggled to identify which prospects were more likely to buy a home, and which ones were just saying nice things to be kind to the sales agent.

  This was resulting in missed sales opportunities.

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The Solution

AtlasRTX provided automated AI powered chatbot technology for Trendmaker Homes to automatically send an SMS text message to prospects upon leaving a model home visit. The chatbot asks prospects to rate their interest level in the house they visited on a scale from 0 - 10, as well as why they felt the way they did. Sales agents could then focus on the leads with higher interest.

AtlasRTX also provided the ability to send bulk SMS campaigns to leads at different points in the buying process, or to reengage old leads.


The Results

AtlasRTX deployed chatbots has been one of the most successful lead generation campaigns for Trendmaker Homes, as the quality of leads and real-time communication provided a deeper relationship than any other sales and marketing initiatives.